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As India's most popular energy drink brand, Cloud9 needs no further introduction. This pioneer company sells a colossal range of refreshing energy drinks as well as carbonated and fresh fruit-based beverages.

With its unique utilisation of cutting-edge technology and its extensive expertise in this market, the all-Indian Cloud9 brand has separated itself from the competitors throughout the years. Cloud9 drinks are sold in over 30,000 stores and 5,000 wine shops across the nation. This nourishing & exquisite drinks could be found in some of the country's most exclusive hotels, restaurants, and pubs. Cloud9 has ascended to become the second-largest player in the Indian energy drink industry in just a few years.

At Cloud9, we believe in serving only the best and highest-quality drinks. Every pack of beverage of Cloud9 is made with love and 100 percent hygiene to ensure that our customers enjoy every sip without worrying about its safety and sanitation.

In the highly competitive domestic market, the brand's world-class production standards, commitment to quality and innovation, and outstanding branding have earned the brand several honours and client devotion. Under the Indian Energy Drinks category, Cloud9 was lately awarded the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Product Excellence Award of the Year.

So, why settle for anything less when you can have the finest? Every sip of cloud9 beverage gives you a surge of energy, resulting in a pleasant experience each time you drink it.

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To maintain our position as a leading beverage brand by consistently providing premier quality drinks in the most socially responsible manner and thereby building consumer trust at its most.


To provide and encourage the manufacturing of high-quality refreshing beverages at a reasonable price, and to constantly prioritize our customers' health & taste in order to provide them a gratifying experience each time they shop from us.


Sangita Patil

At first, I wasn't sure whether to switch to a different brand but when I personally tried few of the products I was quite startled to see how premium quality the products were. I would definitely recommend Cloud 9 products to everyone.

Meera Gupta

Cloud 9 were quick, polite and very helpful with helping me with one of my order concerns. The team took care of the issue in the best way, I'm impressed with the customer service the company offers.

Yusuf Patel

I've just started using the Cloud9 products and it has been amazing with optimum quality as promised. I have advocated even my friends, families and acquaintances to use the product and they are at awe too.

Anand Kumar

Cloud 9 has a wide variety of energy drinks/beverages at a great price. The customer service team is also friendly and quick to deal with any queries/concerns. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

Ms. Ankit

The option of energy drinks are very attractive and comes with a comprehensive assortment. Moreover, when a customer sees other customers or influences trying it to, it inspires others to purchase as well.

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